Lavender oil has so many uses for cleaning around your home – floors, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry and more.

Use lavender oil for green cleaning around your home

For hundreds of years lavender has been used for a variety of medicinal and culinary uses along with other household uses. The recent return of using natural products and a more environmentally-friendly “green” living lifestyle has seen an increase in using lavender oil for cleaning around the home.

Lavender oil contains antibiotic, antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial and deodorizing properties – it’s an extremely useful oil for keeping your house clean in a natural chemical-free way.

From cleaning dishes to deodorizing the bathroom, lavender oil has a broad range of uses for cleaning your home – and it smells fantastic!

Make a lavender oil liquid for cleaning dishes

Because lavender oil contains antibacterial properties, it’s great to use for washing dishes. You can make your own dishwashing liquid by combining unscented natural dish soap with approx. 10-15 drops of 100% lavender essential oil.

Cleaning your kitchen and bathroom using lavender oil

The best way of using lavender to clean your kitchen and bathroom is to make a spray. Fill a spray bottle with half vinegar and half water, then add about 8-10 drops of lavender oil and shake to combine. You can use this for cleaning and sanitizing a variety of surfaces – for example, your bathroom sinks, kitchen counter tops, or door knobs.

Make your own floor wash by filling a bucket with hot water, add about a cup of vinegar, a small dash of natural castile soap (optional) and about 5-6 drops of lavender oil - your floors will come up sparkling!

You can also use lavender oil to repel insects and ants from your kitchen cupboards without using harsh chemicals around your food. Simply add 3-5 drops of lavender oil to a cotton ball and place in the corner of your kitchen cupboard.

These cotton balls can also be added to smelly shoes, your vacuum cleaner bag or anywhere that needs deodorising - lavender is a natural air freshener.

Lavender house cleaning - use in the laundry

You can make your own dryer sheets using dried lavender – these are great to use in your clothes dryer to leave a gentle lavender scent on your laundry.

The lavender spray as mentioned above can also be used as an ironing spray.

To freshen up your laundry load, add approx. 15-20 drops of lavender oil to an unscented liquid laundry detergent – your clothes will smell great!  

Why clean with lavender oil?

The best thing about using lavender oil for cleaning is you’ll benefit from aromatherapy as you clean! No more harsh chemical-based products that are harmful to you and your family.

Whenever possible, use natural alternative home remedies – such as lavender oil – for cleaning and your body and the environment will thank you for it!